Our History
The company's history

Comil - Cotaxé Mineração Ltda ® was founded by an entrepreneurial initiative and was idealized by Heleno Losumar Ferreira de Castro, rancher, born in Aimorés - Minas Gerais, who lived in Cotaxé, Ecoporanga - ES, in the 70’s, through the acquisition of two farms: Eldorados's Farm and Spring's farm.

From the start they had evidence that at Eldorado’s Farm had precious stones in its basement, because into few rocky outcroppings could be seen a golden glow on its surface, hence the farm be named Eldorado. Because of that, Mr. Losumar recorded the underground to ensure the legality of future exploration.

In June 1993, after several searches for precious stones, was discovered a very beautiful stone, with a very intense and closed black interior, with blue spots. Another treasure was found on this land: the granite.That time there was already a black granite on the market under the name of a saint, but the black granite found was more closed, so, it was named as 'Granito Preto São Benedito ®' in honor of Saint Benedict, a black saint.Today there are other black granites on the market, even with similar names, but none is as beautiful as the legitimate Granito Preto São Benedito ®, officially registered.

After several surveys on the market at that time, until then, early in the upstate. Even with the reluctance of the family, that would rather that he lease the area for a mining company, Mr. Losumar in an entrepreneurial initiative, boldly decided to establish Comil and started a new mining activity, hitherto unknown to him.
Since the beginning, Comil always honored the Cotaxé community, hence the name Comil - Cotaxé Mineração Ltda ®, and has always been a company policy to hire only residents from the community. This policy continues until today and Comil is currently the largest employer on that region.
In 1997, another further step, Comil acquired a sawmill at Barra de São Francisco - ES, to make the processing of the extracted blocks. Today, where is our administrative office.With an experience of 20 years on the market, we are expanding our production of Granito Preto São Benedito ®.


We are also exploring, in our own field, the Giallo Latina, a yellow material with great volume rocks with high production capacity.This material is provided exclusively for the Cosentino Group, through Latina Vitória, and it is a big seller around the world, especially in the United States.


We also have a green granite located within the Eldorados's Farm, owned by members of Comil, . This rock has a large volume and the extraction is fairly easy, and currently inactive, but it could be exploited at any time depending on market contingencies and consultations.

Comil today invests part of their profits in improvement of processes, in a strict environmental control and exploration of new exclusive materials.

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